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The Rich Jerk eBook Review

  • First of all, the Rich Jerk is really Kelly Felix, an internet millionaire who gained his fortune from the many websites and companies that he created over the years. He successfully launched CreditPro, Inc and guesswhatiheard.com which were two very profitable websites. And, if I were you I would at least read what he has to say, because if something can be done, it can be done again. and again. and again.

    If you’ve been online for any amount of time, chances are you’ve run across an ad for the Rich Jerk Website.  His marketing is notoriously obnoxious, saying that other gurus “suck” and that he’s “better than you.”

    But despite the marketing of his brand, the Rich Jerk actually delivers a very well put together system that puts pretty much every other competitor out there to shame for the price. While The Rich Jerk likes to brag about how he can easily make lots of money doing next to nothing, he can teach you how to do exactly what he does.
    The best thing I found about the Rich Jerk’s course is that it is really geared towards people with no experience or knowledge about the internet.  So while some advanced marketing veterans might think his course is silly, for someone like me who was just starting out his course was got me started so easily in internet marketing.

    The Rich Jerk

    The Good:
    If the Rich Jerk is anything, he’s to the point.  There is no fluff in his book.  None.  Just packed back-to-back tactics and techniques that teach you how to use his methods to start making money on the internet.

    There is plenty of valuable information in there.  What is particuarly interesting are his secrets on creating affiliate websites that actually get you results.

    The Rich Jerk talks about how he created lots of affiliate sites like he advises you to make, and wound up selling them for lots of money.
    In fact, the tactics the Rich Jerk talks about in the book runs the whole spectrum from affiliate marketing, to wholeselling goods on ebay, to sneaky search engine optimization tactics, to how to protect yourself from scammers and people looking to take advantage of you.

    All this combines to be a KILLER resource for beginning marketers.
    Another great benefit of getting the Rich Jerk’s course is access to his members-only forum.  Only people who buy the Rich Jerk course are allowed to post on the forum, which keeps the quality of posters very high.  The Rich Jerk himself even comes on and answers people’s questions – which is more valuable than you can imagine.
    The course is also very cheap – in fact, it’s the most affordable internet marketing course I’ve found, clocking in at a measily $9.95.  I spend that much at Subway or Chick-fil-a for lunch, so $9.95 to learn the Rich Jerk’s secrets is a steal!
    And when his refund guarantee was tested, the refund request was answered promtply and courteously.  In fact, all my dealings with the Rich jerk support staff have been nothing but pleasent.

    Even if you know nothing about computers, and have no idea how to brave the internet to start your own business – the Rich Jerks ebook can teach to you make money.   Something that is far more valuable than anything else I have come across on the internet.

    Because of all this, I caRich Jerknnot recommend the Rich Jerk Strongly enough.

    The Bad:
    Other than the fact that the Rich Jerk can seem condecending and pompous at times – and that he’s known for using some dirty language on his forum and blog – there is very little bad to be said about his system.
    My only real criticism is that I wish the course was longer!  His ebook is a breeze to read at 64 pages, so much so that I found myself wanting more but his awesome forum more than makes up for that.  Also, his “free” website isn’t really free at all. You end up paying about $200 in hosting fees. That was the one gripe that I had about The Rich Jerk.

    The Verdict:
    Strongly Recommend – A Very Smart Buy
    If the killer tactics, excellent support, elite forum, and fantastic training weren’t enough, you simply can’t beat the price.
    No other online marketing course I’ve found has been able to deliver the goods as affordable as the Rich Jerk, and I would highly recommend you check him out first before you commit to any other courses.
    You can get more information on the Rich Jerk by clicking on the link below:

    Get more information and start making money online here!


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