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IvyBot – The Professional Forex Trading Robot

  • IvyBots - Automated Forex Trading SoftwareIvy Bot is built by a group of Ivy League friends who are making a killing in the market over the past 10 years. The system works by analyzing the forex markets and then automating the necessary trades to avoid human intervention. Like most of the robots on the market, it is an Expert Advisor that is a part of the Meta Trader trading platform. This means you have to trade with a broker that uses the Meta Trader platform, but don’t worry about that because there are a lot of brokers that use the Meta Trader platform.

    Ivy Bot Features :

    Ivy Bot gives you 4 Robots, 1 for each currency pair in which it was designed . It trades 4 different currency pairs (EUR/USD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY and EUR/JPY) and it analyzes and adjusts its trading strategy based on the market conditions of the currencies. This makes the robot unique compared to other forex market robots.

    Advantages of Ivy Bot:

    1. Unheard of accuracy over 90%.
    2. Easy “plug n play system” so if you never traded Forex before you do not need to worry, as with few clicks of a mouse you can be up and running and start profiting straight away.
    3. Low start up cost.
    4. This is an advanced robotic EA which has patented technology.
    5. It is 100% mechanical, which means it runs totally on auto-pilot without any need for human interaction!
    6. Instant access to the system within seconds after downloading to your computer.
    7. Works anywhere in the world completely “Hands free” with any certified Forex broker.

    [xrr rating=4.7/5]


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